All Star Football – Plans, prepares and conducts an All Star Football game and banquet played each year by the seniors from all Ventura County high schools.

Budget & Finance – Prepares annual budget, arranges annual review of club records and monitors club’s finances.

Bulletin – Chair writes/publishes the bulletin for distribution electronically to all members as well as copies distributed during each club meeting. Chair enters it into the District bulletin contest. Members assist in writing and obtaining articles.

Caring – Identify needs of community and club members and develop a list of services that members are able to provide.

City of Hope – Publicize and promote the City of Hope Hospital for the purpose of raising funds and our participation in Lions Tribute Day at the City of Hope.

Community Service – Conducts community service activities and chairs the major service project involving at least 20% of the club membership. Additionally, dispenses budgeted funds for community service, distributes Thanksgiving food baskets and coordinates the Salvation Army Bell Ringer day.

BBQ Crew/Concession Stand – Plans and carries out fundraisers such as All Star Football banquet and concessions, and other opportunities. Prepares food for club board meetings.

Chaplain – Delivers invocations at meetings, prepares and delivers get well cards, and visits ill members.

Constitution & Bylaws – Monitors and proposes changes to governing documents when necessary. Reports to the Board in May. Chair serves as the club parliamentarian.

Crab Feast — Plans and carries out a “Crab Feast” fundraiser.

District Activities –Promotes and encourages member participation in District activities and activities of clubs throughout the District.

Flag Day – Plans and carries out club participation in the District project to distribute American Flags to grade schools.

Flag Display – 85 flags are mounted from the pier to surfer’s point on the 4th of July, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. They go up before sunrise and are taken down at sunset. Flags on Poli and California are put up in April at 6:00 a.m. and remain up through the summer.

Historical Review – Maintains historical records of the club and displays them at appropriate meetings. Presents review of the club’s activities at the July Board meeting.

Lion of the Day –Selects, presents and honors members of the club as Lion of the Day.

Long Range Planning – The purpose of the Long Range Planning Committee is to give thoughtful consideration to the long term future of the Ventura Downtown Lions Club and to ways we can strengthen and continue the club as a vibrant, enjoyable and relevant association for service.

Membership – Promotes development and retention of club members. Provides new member orientation and works to provide a mentor for each new Lion. Encourages new members to become Proud Lions. Determines why members resign their membership and reports findings to the Zone Chair.

Nominations & Elections – Responsible for preparing a slate of nominees of club officers and for counting of ballots for election of Board of Directors.

Peace Poster Contest – Plans and conducts participation in this International contest.

President’s Yearbook – Puts together the yearbook and enters it in the District contest.

Programs – Obtains and presents programs at regular meetings.

Public Relations – Shall plan strategy to publicize all club activities, charities, and fundraisers promoting these activities through all available media, including newspaper, radio, television, club and District websites, and other social media.

Service Auction – Plans and carries out an annual club “time and treasure” auction to raise funds for the administrative budget.

Sight & Hearing – Plans and carries out sight and hearing activities and expends budgeted funds to meet sight and hearing needs.

Signature Project – Partnering with VCMC & other Lion Clubs in the development of sight programs and purchasing of eye related equipment for the visually impaired in the County of Ventura.

Social – Plans, promotes and carries out club social events, including the Holiday party and installation of officers striving to develop and hold four events each year.
Spaghetti Dinner – Responsible for preparing and conducting an annual spaghetti dinner each October.

Annual Golf Invitational Tournament – Held at Saticoy Country Club promoting a fund raiser with dinner and program following the tournament. It benefits the Health Care Foundation for Ventura County and Lion charities.

Student Speakers Contest – Arranges and conducts Student Speakers contest each February.

Tail Twister – Assists Tail Twister in promoting fellowship, life and enthusiasm at meetings through appropriate stunts and games and in the judicious imposition of fines on club members. Helps with the collection of fines.

Visitations – Arranges for club visitations to other clubs. Encourages members to visit at least eight different clubs each year.

White Cane – Arranges for club participation in this International project to spread awareness of Lions commitment to helping the visually impaired.

Youth Activities – Allocates and distributes budgeted funds to serve youth; including our club sponsored Boy Scouts troop.

Youth Exchange – Handles club participation in promoting and carrying out annual International Youth Exchange Program.

Youth Leadership (Leos) – Develops club sponsored Leo clubs in area high schools.

Committee Chairpersons

Under First Vice President – Steve Shaw

Programs – Steve Shaw
Budget & Finance – PP Tom Olson
Bulletin – PP Tom Olson
Caring – PP Ken Cozzens
Chaplin – Marlene Nord
Crab Feast – Don Fromberg/Adam Casillas
Door Prizes – Rita Peterson
Sunshine Committee – Terri Gonzalez
Constitution & Bylaws – PP Don Greenberg
District Activities – PP Joellen Flannigan
Historical Review – Terri Gonzalez
Long Range Planning – PDG Jeff Roundy & PDG Chuck Cassy
Membership – Jon Youngerman
Community Service – IPP Randy Jewell
President’s Yearbook – Terri Gonzalez
Sight & Hearing – PP Sandy Greenberg
Sight Signature Partnering Project – PP Sandy Greenberg
Student Speakers Contest – PP Charlie Burnham
Public Relations – Tom Spence
Print Media – Tim Brown
Website – PP Sandy Greenberg
Social Media – Amy Towner
Email Communications – PP Joellen Flannigan
Time & Treasure Auction – Tim Brown
LCIF Coordinator – Kevin Seelos

Under Second Vice President – Adam Casillas

All Star Football – Steve Shaw
BBQ Crew – PP Mike Veseth
City of Hope – PP Don Greenberg
Concession Stand – PP Charlie Burnham
Flag Display – PP Ken Cozzens
Invitional Golf Tournament – PP Mike Veseth
Lion of the Day – PP Stan Yates
Nomination & Elections – IPP Randy Jewell
Peace Poster Contest – PP Mike Veseth
Social – Jon Youngerman
Song – Marlene Nord
Spaghetti Dinner – Kevin Seelos
Sports Day (Fishing) – Don Fromberg
Tail Twister – PP Steve Bowman
Thanksgiving Baskets –
IPP Randy Jewell & Rita Peterson
Visitations- Mike McBain
White Cane Day – Marlene Nord
Youth Activities – PP Steve Doll
Youth Exchange – PP Don Greenberg
Youth Leadership – (LEOS) – Kristen Franke

Foundations Liaisons

Cottage Home Foundation Liason — PP Diane Ellis
Fred W. Smith Scholarship Foundation — PP Charlie Burnham
VDLC Chartiable Foundation — PP Mike Veseth